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How to Stop Punjab from Being Safe Haven for Drugs Market

The smuggling of drugs in Punjab from Pakistan is not a new thing. This month, a report came out where 80% of the drugs that were coming to Punjab from Pakistan via J&K were seized. The incident once again is an eye-opener of Punjab’s inclination for being the safe haven of drugs smuggling. Now the question arises, how to stop this? The fundamental answer lies in the de addiction centre in Punjab.

Reasons for Punjab Being Safe Haven for Drugs

The problem of drug addiction among Punjab’s youth is not new. As there is a huge demand for drugs, so, it is quite natural that Punjab is becoming a safe haven for drugs. The de addiction centre in Punjab of New generation care foundation is finding the reason for this addiction. The young generation of Punjab are more vulnerable to addiction and that is what we are seeing. So, there has to be a resounding step towards preventing this widespread drug addiction. It is what we are doing at the New generation care foundation.

Going Deep into the Root

After figuring out the exact problem, it is time to delve into the root of the problem. There are many socio-economic and personal reasons for the youth to take up drugs. They try to avoid the problems through drugs which are impossible. In our de addiction centre in Punjab, we guide our patients to live their life to the fullest. We, at New generation care foundation, pioneer them so that they find the right path of life.

Finding the Solution

Unless you accept the fact the there is a problem, there is no point in looking for the solution. So, the first thing we have to admit that yes, Punjab has become a safe haven for drug addiction. Once we do that, now we are ready to search for the solution. The actual solution lies in the de addiction centre in Punjab. New generation care foundation will give you the best treatment for drug addiction.

Spreading the Awareness

As a responsible citizen, it is your duty to spread the awareness of taking addicted people to a de addiction centre in Punjab. It is where the addicted person will find the right treatment and get respite from the addiction. So, as you know how a drug addict can find a solution, spread this knowledge. Bring people to New generation care foundation where we can give them proper treatment.

No Economic Barrier

New generation care foundation is a place where addicted patients get treated irrespective of the economic barrier. In our de addiction centre in Punjab, we treat patients at a reasonable price. Our aim is to stop Punjab from being the safe haven for the illegal drugs market. As there will be less addicted people, there will less demand in the market. So, eventually, Punjab will not be a safe haven for drugs anymore.

Final Thoughts

New generation care foundation is pledged to eliminate the problem of drug addiction in Punjab. At our de addiction centre in Punjab, patients get treated with proper care. If you want to see Punjab devoid of this drug problem then de addiction centres are the ideal solution. So, bring your addicted person to us, we will heal the person from the root.

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